Can you tell me about the "Do Not Click This Link" Fraud Test
Posted by Steve Little on 17 June 2010 09:05 AM
The fraud test is an integral part of our anti-cheat system, which ensures you receive only real, live targeted traffic from TrafficSwarm. It prevents cheaters from using automated scripts or software to simulate "clicks" to your site.

It also ensures that all Start Page users are paying attention to what they are doing, rather than just clicking away like crazy and rushing through everything that pops up on their screen.

Every now and then you'll see an ad with a title that says something like "Fraud Test - Do Not Click." All you have to do to "pass" the test is not click that link - easy as that! However, those that are lazy or are trying to cheat the system may very well fail the test. Fail it too many times and your TrafficSwarm will automatically be cancelled. There's just no reason to fail the fraud test if you're using your Start Page properly.
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