What about Link Box Stats, like displays and clicks?
Posted by Steve Little on 17 June 2010 09:15 AM
Right now there are no formal stats that show you how many times your links are displayed and how many clicks you've received from the Link Box system - but we are working on it. Providing these stats requires us to finish another upgrade first, at which time we'll make these stats available.

The "problem" is that due to the tremendous number of links being displayed on 1000s of sites (and the 1000s of clicks per day that are generated), it will require an enormous amount of resources to generate these stats. And until we finish the next upgrade, it is just not possible to provide these stats.

So many members were asking for it that we decided it was better to launch the Link Box system now and improve on it as we go, rather than waiting till everything was "perfect" which may take several months.

There is a way that you can tell how many visitors you are getting from the Link Box system however - just look in your referer/web logs. All of the clicks you receive from the Link Box system will show a referring URL containing the string "".
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